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The Power of Healing Crystals: Program Crystals for Healing

  • 355 Warwick Turnpike Hewitt, NJ (map)

The Power of Healing Crystals - Level 2: Program Your Personal Crystal for Healing

Led by Betty Sue Hanson

Cost:  $55.00

The journey continues. Join us in this 2 hour workshop where you will receive your own clear high vibration Arkansas Quartz Crystal that will be programmed specifically for your own personal healing.  Through journey and crystalline alchemy, Betty Sue will guide you to a state of consciousness where you will co-create with your guides and your crystal will be programmed for your personal healing.

During your journey Betty Sue will work with and expand your light body so you are able to receive energetic information more readily and balance your energy body. This energy along with messages from your guides and the acended ones is then permanently embedded into the crystal for you to connect with when you take your crystal home.

Once you sign up, Betty Sue will use her skills as a Master Crystal Healer to charge specific crystals which are called to assist us in this process. 

You will leave with your quartz point feeling balanced and ready to work with your crystal in the privacy of your own home. This process has been described from an attendee as “a crystal healing workshop that you can take with you!”

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